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Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi
Vide No. 1730092

Principal's Desk

Dear Readers,

Education is the key element of everyone's life today. The holistic approach of education aims at the training of 3H's: Heart, Head and Hand. Heart stands for the attainment of right values, Head stands for the acquisition of knowledge and the Hand stands for the gaining of skills to achieve economic and material gain.

But the concern of most of the schools and parents seems to be Head (intellectual growth) and Hand (economic concern) rather than the Heart (Enlightenment). Age old Aristotelian thought “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all” seems to be fading in recent years.

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  • Our vision

    To be
    signs and bearers
    of the Good News
    To people of all faiths
    Especially women
    and girl children.

  • Our Mission

    To respond to the
    Gospel values
    to live out a preferential love for the poor
    to continually discern
    the needs of our times.
    To make our schools places
    where the Glory of God
    is manifested.

Our Toppers

Academic Year [2021-2022]Apr-Mar (Result Awaited)

Class: XII-Sc

Class: XII-Comm.

Class: XII-Art.

Class: X.