s o p h i a g i r l s s e n i o r s e c o n d a r y s c h o o l

v a l l a b h n a g a r , k o t a - 3 2 4 0 0 7

Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi
Vide No. 1730092

Our History

Kota is about 210 kms from Ajmer in the south of Rajasthan. It is a Railway Junction on the Bombay – Delhi line. Situated, on the banks of the River Chambal, it is very fertile. Waving fields of wheat, paddy and sugar-cane greet the eye and the lush greenery is a sight to behold. The rock formation is horizontal, hence Kota is famous for it’s Kota blue stone and roofing stones. This area was the stronghold of the Hada Rajputs but was sadly neglected. Even in 1960 it seemed a rather sleepy town with unexploited rich potential.


Kota Junction was a new parish and over the years the Kota Railway employees had been pleading with the Bishop of Ajmer – Jaipur, the Rt. Rev. Leo D’mello for a school like ‘Sophia’, Ajmer. So, in June 1960, at the request of the Bishop, Mother Angela D’souza, the Superior-General of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer responded by opening the school at Kota Junction in 1960 in a Railway Bungalow. However, the rapidly increasing population in the Kota Industrial area 14 kms in the interior felt the lack of educational facilities for their children, as the ‘Sophia School’ at Junction was not only too far away but also inconvenient to get to due to the Railway Crossings often kept closed for the almost continuous shunting of trains and engines. In June 1963, as if in answer to the prayers of the Sisters, the Mandi Committee at Kota offered a suitable plot of land , at a rather nominal cost which enabled the authorities to lay the foundation of a new Primary Block, on July 6th, 1964. About this time the State Government of Rajasthan established a Heavy Industry Complex in Kota and some of the Industrial units felt a great lacuna in not having a good English medium school for the children of their Executives. After repeated entreaties, in July 1963, ‘Sophia’ Vallabh Nagar became a reality, albeit in a rented house and a garage for classrooms. The pioneers Sr. Lucy, the first Head Mistress, Miss Enid D’souza and Miss Christine, faced untold difficulties as they had to trudge to school daily to and from Junction, where they resided.


It was in the year 1965 that the school was accorded recognition as a Middle School by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan. Soon the infant school comprising of the K. G. and Classes I, II, III rapidly grew in strength and in 1965 had to be shifted to the new premises. The K. G. section was shifted to the ground floor of the present Primary Block and as the top floor was ready by 1966, the rest of the Primary School was also accommodated. Sr. Juliana Chandy took over as Sister-in-charge.


July, 1968 saw a change in the School Management when Sr. Joan took over as Head Mistress with Sr. Augustina, Sr. Odile and Sr. Cyrilla. Sisters resided at Junction and commuted daily, by jeep for five years. In 1968, construction of the Secondary School Block commenced under the supervision of Sr. Rose D’souza.


On 24th June, 1969, the Secondary Block was completed. By order of the Board all Middle Schools were raised to Secondary Schools in 1969 and Sophia automatically gained status as a Secondary School and Class IX was introduced. The number of students was 875 and Sophia, Vallabh Nagar was reckoned as one of the best schools in Kota. The school organized various activities, cultural programmes, debates, competitions, educational tours, class picnics etc. providing opportunities to students not only to show their talents but also to train themselves through practical experience in co-operative work. Sr. Genevieve our Superior General visited our school. We owe our gratitude to many well-wishers, some of whom are Mr. Vacchar, Mr. Sunderam & family, Squadron Leader Krishan Swand, who sent his P.T. teacher to train our students for the mass P.T. display.


The construction of the Secondary Block reached completion in June 1970 and the Sisters shifted permanently as a new Community to Vallabhnagar, with Sr. Augustina as Superior and Sr. Cabrini as Principal. Sisters Cyrilla, Odile and Bernadine were the other members of this community. They occupied 3 classrooms on the upper floor of the Secondary School Block as their residence. This community was placed under the patronage of Our Lady Help of Christians – Feast on 24th May. In 1970, the Educational Society of Sophia School, Gumanpura, Kota was formed and registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958 (Act 28 of 1958). Eventually the school was raised to High School in this year and Sr. Cabrini took over as Principal and started preparing the first group of candidates for the Secondary Examination. Sr. Cabrini steered the Sophia Barque from July 1970 to June 1979. The first group of candidates appeared for the Secondary Exams of Board in 1971 in July of the same year the Science faculty was introduced. Result Appeared - 9 Ist Division - 2 2nd Division - 7


In the year 1976, the Board of secondary Education granted the school official recognition and the school rose to the level of Higher Secondary. Sr. Fleurette was transferred here to teach Science from V to XI and to set the Lab. On Dec. 28th Sr. Priscilla, one of the Community members passed away due to a heart attack.


At this time a need was felt for extra class room as the ever increasing number of students demanded this. So an extension of the Secondary Block for housing the Office, Library, Staff Room and Laboratories was planned, adjoining and at right angles to the existing Secondary Block. The construction commenced.


In April 1980, it was suggested that the lake which was posing a danger to the death as well as the safety of the children due to reptiles, be filled up. The community suggested the preparation of courts for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Badminton etc. The area behind the Primary Block was cleared and leveled for some park equipment to be set up for the K.G. and Primary children. Sr. Joan-Superior and Principal – Sr. Annetta, Sr. Salasia, Sr. Ange and Sr. Nita were the community members. Later Sr. Rene joined the community. <br> The Results of the Secondary and the Higher Secondary were very good with students passing in I and II Division. It must be mentioned that the school always topped the State Board. We had the privilege of the visit of Sr. Yvonne – the Superior General.


The community members were Sr. Joan – Superior and Principal – Sr. Virginie, Sr. Celestine, Sr. Salacia, Sr. Rene and Sr. Helen.<br> Since 1970, the Sisters on the School staff had occupied three classrooms on the upper floor of the Secondary School Block. As the number increased the need for more classrooms was felt. Hence the construction of Staff Quarters for the Sisters on the campus was commenced. Balwadi classes were started in the evenings for the under-privileged who had no opportunity to attend school. House visiting was started on a regular basis. The year 1981, once again saw cent percent results of both Secondary and senior Secondary. Sisters Francis, Rohini and Kiran joined the community.


The community at its society meeting seriously considered the construction of the Sister’s Quarters and the contract was given to Yasim.


Sports Education gained momentum under the painstaking efforts and watchful eyes of Mr. Hada the P.T.I. Tournaments and competitions at interschool, district and state levels were participated in. The results this year too were cent percent.


On 16th August 1986, the Sister’s Quarters were ready and they shifted to the new building. As many children had started to come to school by cycle, the need for parking arose and the Management proposed the construction of a cycle shed and watchman’s lodge.


In Jan 1987, Sr. Francis was elected Superior general and made her first visit to this school. The school band was introduced for the first time.


With the introduction of the 10+2 system from July 1989, the school started preparing the students for the Senior Secondary Examination with Science and Humanities streams. Anila Megee of XII Arts took part in the Nehru Parliament Prize Competition and won at the State Level and was selected for the National Level. The Silver Jubilee of the school was celebrated in this year. For the celebration of the event a souvenir was brought out and the eventful year ended with the presentation of a cultural programme in February 1990.


Temporary recognition from the Board of Secondary Education for the Senior Secondary Examination was given for a period of five years – 1990-1995. <br>The Silver Jubilee of Mrs. Balakrishnan was celebrated. Her husband and mother attended the function.


In 1994, the Auditorium was completed and the 1st Cultural show on the new stage presented in February. In the same year the Computer Literacy programme was introduced.<br> In June 1994, the school welcomed Sr. Linda as the new Principal of the School. The school was affiliated to the Central Board Secondary Education, New Delhi. Provisional recognition for a period of three years 1995-1998 was granted.<br> The community members at this time were Sr. Isabel (Superior), Sr. Linda (Principal), Sisters Vincentia, Gertrude, Virginie, Cabrini, Josain, and Pratibha. In December the Silver Jubilee of Mrs. Mavis Megee, Mrs. Surinder Kaur was celebrated.<br> In June, the inauguration of the St. Clare’s region took place. The three communities met together for Mass. Fr. Jose presided and installed Sr. Savina as the Regional Superior and Sr. Rosetta as the Bursar.<br> On November 19th the school was inspected by the CBSE Board officials as part of the Affiliation procedure.


The school planned trips to Udaipur and Mt. Abu. In June, Sr Sarita was appointed as Superior and Sr. Linda carried on as Principal. The new members were Sr. Sunila, Sr. Lorraine, Sr. Annetta and Sr Blanche. Sr. Sarita celebrated her Silver Jubilee on 25th December.


On October 8th 1996, the Silver Jubilee of Sr. Michelle was celebrated in the hall, followed by a get-together with our Rt. Rev. Bishop Ignatuis Menzes. The school went on a tour to Chandigarh and Simla.


After Sr. Linda, Sr. Johannis was the Principal for two years. On 30th September, the Diamond Jubilee of Sisters Beatrice and Claudia was joyously celebrated. The school went on the tour to Kulu Manali. In 2000, Sr. Jacinth our Regional Superior presided over the Annual Function and gave away the prizes. 2001-2002 saw Sr. Ida at the helm with Sr. Anjana as Superior.


Sr. Fleurette took over as the new Principal. Sr. Anjana was Superior. Sisters Paulina, Lorraine, Cabrini, Chrislyn and Gertrude were the community members. Sr. Chrislyn however, was later transferred to Kaithoon. The new boundary was put up with barbed wire to protect our school giving a new look to our school.


Sr. Josain took over as the Principal. The community members were Sr. Flavia, Sr. Jacinta and Sr. Cynthia.


During the tenure of Sr. Yvonne, the New Block with 12 classrooms and Administrative Block was constructed to make the classes into 3 sections. The New Block added new look and beauty to Sophia School, Vallabhnagar.


The ground was leveled and new grass was planted. Trees too were planted and new hedging which makes the school beautiful. Sr. Yvonne was transferred and Sr. Sarah took over as the Superior. The new community member was Sr. Fleurette. All through the results have been cent percent. By God’s grace, the school remains a fore runner in the field of education. We have upgraded ourselves technologically. God Bless All.